Fairness Assessment

When staff members feel valued, they have a greater sense of team spirit and overall job satisfaction. Our Workplace Health and Fairness plan helps employees feel safe and engaged at work. When employees are happy at work, it results in more efficient workflow, reduces turnover, and helps maintain fair practices among employees within the bounds of labor laws.

One-Day Assessment

Be in a position that allows you to truly understand and respond to conflict in the workplace. Our one-day assessment is an introductory service that gives you an overview of the state of conflict management in your organization. Through the 1DA you will have a better understanding of the cultural elements that play a role in the generation and management of conflict leading to uncovering major sources of conflict in the organization.

Fairness Restoration

Workplace Restoration is a process that focuses on workplace wellness and rebuilds a psychologically healthy and safe workplace culture. It is a process of renewing and restoring stressed, unhealthy and/or unsafe work environments. Workplace restoration is “to restore trust in workplace relationships – both interpersonal and organizational so that an organization can move on after a stressful event. This can mean focusing on relationships beyond the complainant and respondent, and on the context or systems underlying the conflict. We follow the principles of Workplace Restoration when we work with organizations hoping to improve the health of their workplace. The principles encompass a holistic angle on improving company culture.

Keys to Success

  • Meaningful involvement and ownership
  • Omni-partiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Implication

What You Can Expect

We work with your team to assess and evaluate the policies you have in place and collective agreements uncovering conflict management options that you may be unaware of. In partnership with your team, we generate Fairness System Amendment Proposals. A few days later, we will deliver a complete report summarising the findings of the team and their recommendations.

Within a month or two, we contact you to determine if you have made any decisions on amending your workplace conflict management system.

Our Strategy

Needs assessment

We start by understanding the history of the workplace such as size, sector, structure, bylaws, culture, and governance.

System Design

Next, we work with your team using professional, tested tool through a conflict management system.

System Implantation

We then implement a workplace restoration strategy that focuses on wellness and rebuilds a safe workplace culture.

System Monitoring

We start by understanding the history of the workplace The final step requires us to meet frequently for a defined period to discuss progress and such as size, sector, structure, bylaws, culture, and governance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the workplace health and fairness assessment process?

The length and cost of this process varies depending on your organization’s size and complexity. We are happy to schedule some time to chat and send you a comprehensive proposal so you know exactly what to expect. We value open communication and full transparency when it comes to length of the process and costs.

How do I choose between Workplace Fairness Restoration and Workplace Health and Fairness Assessment?

Workplace Fairness Restoration is more suitable when there is a breakdown in the relationship and trust in the workplace.

What does a Workplace Fairness Analyst do?

Our fairness analysts are experienced negotiators, mediators, and trainers in the workplace context. We work with a small group of your staff to conduct an in-depth review of existing systems and policies, through organizing and rolling out surveys, focus groups, and interviews. The goal is to assess current situations and move to propose systems and policies that will improve respectful workplace behaviors and promote a psychologically safe environment.

What are the cost of not using workplace fairness assessment and workplace fairness restoration?

Cost is defined as the use of resources. The measurement of costs is based on the forgone opportunities of using those resources for other purposes.The magnitude of the forgone opportunity of using a resource is the opportunity cost. We use opportunity costs to make decisions every day. It is your choice to use your employees time solving conflict or using our services to help you enhance your organizational culture and strengthen your conflict management system in order to reduce the time spent on conflict.

What size organizations do you work with?

We have experience working with small, mid, and large organizations. Whether your organization has 10 employees or 1000 employees, we cater our conflict plan depending on the needs of your organization.