About the Owner

Rola Mustafa, the owner, has an accreditation in mediation from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution based in London, UK. She is a global MBA holder and studied alternative dispute resolution as part of her LLM in International Law at the City University of London. She is a global trainer in her field and has conducted training in Syria and Canada in both Arabic and English. Rolal has more than 12 years of experience working in the Human Resources and Project Management field. She is a Workplace Fairness Analyst at Workplace Fairness International.

Rola Mustafa values being part of a community and spent her free time in Syria volunteering as a mediator for the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Board. Since she moved to Canada, she has been volunteering as a mediator with St. Stephen Community House, Catholic Cross-Cultural Service, the Ismaili Conciliation Arbitration Board, Islamic Family and Social Services Association and Canadian Council for Muslim Women.

Organizational and workplace expertise

Rola works as an analyst in the field of Diversity and Inclusion where she assesses organizations’/companies policies, laws and procedures, and inclusivity. She proposes trainings/changes or methods to restructure the entire organization to be more inclusive and progressive in the way it responds to the needs and diversity of its staff and beneficiaries or clients.